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They eased him to the blood-soaked mattress and set out to pull the quarrel from his shoulder, no doubt moving as fast as they could in the hopes he wouldn't regain consciousness. That was not to be. [Back to Table of Contents] 27 WindWarrior by Charlotte Boyett-Compo Chapter Two Though Deklyn Yn Baase had been tripped up by the pain and had plunged into some dark, hideously brutal place in an attempt to avoid it, he carried with him the image of the one face for which he had been searching for ten long years.

You are the invaders. " "Stop baiting her, Jules. " Maire jumped as her patient spoke. She paused in cleaning the blood from his abdomen to look up into his eyes. There was a febrile glow in them that did not bode well for the man surviving. " Guy asked, trading places with Maire. "Aye. A lake of it," was the answer. "I'll get it," Andrew said and went to the pitcher to pour a cup. " Maire said. "Not straight from there. " Jules said. "Then take a pan out and gather snow to cool it," she argued.

She blinked against the harsh 7 WindWarrior by Charlotte Boyett-Compo intrusion of light that hurt her night-adapted eyes as he put the flame to an oil lantern. Golden light filled the small room. "Ah, she is exquisite, Reese," the man above her said in a soft, awed voice. His eyes roamed over her face. "What difference does that make? " "No," the man staring down at her said. " For a long moment, she stared at her attacker. It was a handsome, boyish face with a deep cleft in the chin, and smiling lips that she beheld.

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