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Van der Kooij [I9811 181, 214-220). Very occasionally, the Apparatus indicates where a somewhat different Hebrew text is presupposed. ) Readings of the Septuagint, along with its variants and those of related recensions, are also cited, both to assist in describing the Hebrew text the meturgeman rendered and to help define the exegetical profile of the Targurn. In the Apparatus, the term "text" is generally used of the Targum and the Masoretic Text; "witnesses" and "manuscripts" refer to the documents collated by Sperber and Stenning.

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L. Klein Anthropomorphisms and Anthropopathisms in the Targumim of the Pentateuch (Jerusalem: Makor, 1982 [Hebrew]) , "Converse Translation: A Targumic Technique," Bihlica 57 (1976) 515-537 , "The Preposition qdm ('Before'). A Pseudo-Anti-Anthropomorphism in the Targums," Journal qf ~eologitulStudies 20 (1979) 502-507 , "The Translation of Anthropomorphisms in the Targumim," Congress Volume, Vienna 1980: Supplements to Vetus Testamentum 32 (1981) 162-177 K. Koch, "Die Drei Gerechtigkeiten. Die Umformung einer hehaischen ldee im aramaischen Denken nach dem Jesajatargum," Rechfertigung.

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