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By Selfridge, Arnold, Warnick.

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With the larger sizes of tubing, it is sometimes necessary to use slightly higher operating currents than those used with the smaller tubing. Figure 5 shows the relation between the necessary voltage and the diameter brilliance of the tube. The Gases Used for Luminous Tubes. No attempt will be made to go into details here concerning the gases used in luminous tubes, since they are fully described in the followIn this introduction, only their electrical ing chapter. characteristics will be discussed, in relation to the other The rare gases neon, are argon, helium, xenon, and krypton ideally suited for use in signs, because the voltage per foot needed to produce a electrical properties of the tubes.

Just as soon as a discharge takes place, the pump stopcock is closed. The bombarder is then turned on again, the tube glows, a heavy current passes through, and considerable heat is generated. This bombardment is kept up for a length of time dependent tube and the particular conditions. The electrodes get red-hot. The glass eventually becomes so hot that it will scorch a piece of paper held against it. The bombarder is then turned off and upon the size and design of the disconnected. The pump stopcock is then again opened, so that the again starts to reduce the pressure in the tube by exhausting impurities set free during the heat treatment.

What to the light of the discharge, but its is very much affected by changes in temperature; condense as the temperature is lowered. Thus, the light will become much more intense after the sign has had a chance to warm up. In extremely cold weather, the sign may never come up to full brilliancy unless it is properly constructed. All these factors must be taken into account in designing the sign for the particular job that it is intended to fill. In general, the smaller the diameter of tubing used the higher the resistance per foot and the hotter the tube vapors, it will mercury to vaporize more readily.

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