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MC E 6 > be a compact set. ii A(M); has similar properties. THEOREM If MC E A- (M) 9 We shall now study the basic properties of the set set and i8 a compact attractor, the set A(M)\His open. the 51 Proof. We have to show that for all such that S(x, e) C A(M)\M. The set in the definition of attractor. as in Theorem that xT ~ S ( M , ~ ) \ M such that x . hence . Since S(M, d ) \ M Now let By the definition of Remark. S(M,~)\M . D. ]1 is false if Consider for that the flow shown in Figure Figure.

A If t > 0 ~M is not positively in~ such that x n § xt. xt E ~M. There is then a sequence Consider the sequence (Xn(-t)}. Xn(-t) § xt(-t) = x(t-t) = x0 = x. Xn(-t) = ynE IM "iant then there is an Since for sufficiently large contradicts the positive invariance of M, and {Xn},Xn~ M, Clearly xE IM n, x E IM but we have x n = Ynt~ M, which and proves the theorem. The proof of the second assertion is left as an exercise. Obviously if M is positively invarlant, but not invariant, ~M does not necessarily have the same invariance properties as IM.

A z ~S(x,~)R + a w ~ S(x,6) s > 0 and and a 6 > 0 p(y,wt) < e. and ~n § 0 Now w~E and and a and z ~S(x,~)R + That is, ~ > 0 means there is that there is We thus see that for any t ) 0 such that {Cn},{6 n} {x n} 0(Xnt n,y) < zn, y ~D+(x). ~ > 0 z = wt. 7 Thus for any such that To prove that > 0}. Thus for any sequences x t § y. y there is a 0(Xn,X) < ~n n we let p(z,y)< ~. t >. 0 such that n is clear. 6 > 0. , also and {tn } in R+ Xn § ~ X a n d This proves the theorem. Examples of D+(x). i) The simplest non-trivial example of a prolongation is found in a dynamical system defined in the plane and having a saddle point.

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