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This ebook is a scientific try and tackle the difficulty of fossilization on the subject of a basic query in moment language acquisition study, that is: why are beginners, adults specifically, not able to boost the extent of competence they've got aspired to inspite of non-stop and sustained publicity to the objective language, sufficient motivation to profit, and adequate chance to perform?

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Acculturation’ is, as Schumann (1978b: 165) explains, an integration strategy for adapting to the life style and values of the TL group while maintaining one’s own life style and values for intragroup use, and it ‘yields varying degrees of contact between the two groups and thus varying degrees of acquisition of the target language’. , language shock, motivation, cultural shock, ego-permeability). , +social, -psychological) may lead to different degrees of success in L2 learning. Yet, he also concedes that acculturation, though a major causal variable, functions only as a remote cause of SLA: Acculturation as a remote cause brings the learner into contact with TL-speakers.

This variability, unlike in social fossilization What is Fossilization? , a deliberate attempt) in sociolinguistic fossilization. , pertaining to interlanguage subsystems). Despite the divergence of their perceptions, researchers, collectively, have nevertheless raised a fundamental question: Does fossilization arise from lack of ability to learn or does it occur due to the influence of individualoriented variables such as the socio-psychological ones? If we take fossilization to mean, as we do in this book, cessation of learning in spite of continuous exposure to input, adequate motivation to learn, and sufficient opportunity for practice, fossilization should, in the first place, be considered ability-related.

What is the relationship, then, between the putative causal variables and the various facets of fossilization? What 38 Fossilization in Adult Second Language Acquisition determines the lack of ability and what leads to differential fossilization? These two questions constitute the subject matter of discussion in much of the remainder of the book. To begin, let us briefly explore factors that can independently circumscribe L2 learner’s ability to learn. Two Primary Determinants of Lack of Ability Several major theoretical models have identified maturational constraints and native language interference as key factors influencing the degree of success in adult L2 learning.

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