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Annabel said, “No one would tell you everything you asked. I haven't myself, to the police. " “S ure. I understand that. That's part of it. " “You would be working for me—for us. It would be confidential. " "Things that weren't used would be confidential. Nothing that was evidence would be. " Annabel sat and regarded me. S he had had her fingers twisted tight together, and now she loosened them and then they twisted again. “I want to ask you something, Mr. Goodwin. Do you think one of us killed Mrs.

Opinions vary. I rate myself close to the top, but you have to discount that for my bias. " “Could you come up here today? " “I couldn't make it today. ” My brain was having some exercise for the first time in weeks. “Look, Mrs. F rey, I wouldn't be in a hurry about this. ” S he sounded bitter. " “I know, and that's why another few days won't matter. There's nothing fresh about it, to get stale. Why don't you do this, let me do a little looking around, just on my own, and then you'll hear from me.

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