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By Michael Allsopp

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The essays during this quantity are a observation at the 3rd component to the Catholic Church's first new Catechism in additional than four hundred years, settled by means of the 1985 Synod of Catholic Bishops. 

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With the benefit of a computer, the chair and secretary were able to effectively incorporate commentary from the other members of the commission and the contributions of the forty (or so) selected experts. The Catechism may be the first major Church document to benefit so extensively from modern word processing technology. Schonborn did most of his theological work in French. As a student he was known by his professors as intelligent, gifted in languages, and sensitive to beauty. The foundation of his theological training was the works of Saint Thomas Aquinas of which Schonborn was credited with a high degree of mastery.

These differences in treatment demand that anyone using the Catechism as a guide for moral education study the entire section on moral theology. My point is that care must be taken to respect the Catechism for what it is and to acknowledge its limitations. I think it is imperative that anyone using the Catechism reflect upon the comments of Cardinal Ratzinger regarding the nature of the text: Certainly, no expression, formulation, cultural mediation, and therefore not even the best catechism, has succeeded, is succeeding, or will succeed in expressing adequately, thoroughly, exhaustively the richness, the depth, the breadth of the Christian mystery, considering the historical, social, cultural conditions of human understanding and expression of any age or place.

In this respect, these two universal catechisms are as much a curiosity as the slave catechism. The Cuban catechism focused on a particular group so much that it identified God with an inhuman system of relationships. The universal catechisms transcend particular groups, especially women, so much that they divorce God from the realities of human relationships. All are sincere attempts to explain the Christian faith, but in doing so all evidence in part the human condition which fails to achieve full consciousness, adequate understanding, and appropriate expression.

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