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By Neil Douglas-Klotz

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Aramaic—the language of Jesus and his disciples—has captured the mind's eye of seekers from each religion and religious culture. because the ebook of his bestseller Prayers of the Cosmos, Aramaic pupil Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz has turn into a most appropriate professional at uncovering the wealthy layers of which means present in Jesus' local knowledge sayings. Now, in advantages of the Cosmos, this popular writer offers a suite of all-new translations of Jesus' best-loved benedictions and invocations for peace, therapeutic, divine connection, and extra including:

• Come unto me, all ye that exertions —blessings to resume and re-dedicate your life's sacred vocation Ask, and it might be given you —discovering your starting place within the resource of affection itself
• Jesus' parting phrases to the disciples, from the blessing of higher works to the numerous mansions instructing to the good commandment on love, and more
• Jesus' Beatitudes in Luke: benefits for our internal being
• Plus an 80-minute CD with 20 guided Aramaic physique prayers —similar to the normal center jap practices that Jesus himself used to generate non secular strength and insight

Whether for private idea or use in communal worship and rites of passage, advantages of the Cosmos provide you with a heart-opening prayerbook that may consultant you towards an ever deepening, day-by-day event of the divine.

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In ancient Mesopotamia, people believed that the world was full of hostile supernatural forces and demons bent on the destruction of human civilization. Both magical and religious rituals were widely employed to combat these hostile forces, which appear to have threatened to undermine human society in much the way that witchcraft was later conceived in Christian Europe. Authorities were concerned to expose and punish any witches—individuals who aided or directed these demonic or hostile forces—and to devise means of protection from this threat.

Widows, in particular, might be seen as a burden by their families, or as an obstacle to property inheritance. Also, the elderly could easily suffer from some form of senility, producing odd behavior and making them vulnerable to accusations. AGRIPPA (HEINRICH CORNELIUS AGRIPPA VON NETTESHEIM) (1486–1535). More important for the history of magic than the history of witchcraft per se, Agrippa was one of the most famous magicians and occult philosophers of the early-modern period. He completed his major work, De occulta philosophia (On Occult Philosophy) in 1510, when he was only 24 years old, but he did not publish this work until 1533.

Aquinas’ writings were arguably the most important treatment of demonology in the Western Christian tradition since Augustine in the fifth century. By the early 1300s, the older, less intensely focused clerical attitude toward demonic sorcery had given way to profound concern at the very highest levels of the church. Pope John XXII, who reigned from 1316 until 1334, was deeply worried about the threat posed by practitioners of demonic sorcery. He ordered papal inquisitors to take actions against this crime, and he passed an automatic sentence of excommunication against anyone who engaged in such activities.

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