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The americans didn't easily out live the British within the progressive battle, contends this writer in a groundbreaking learn, yet received their independence via using more suitable concepts, strategies, and management. Designed for the "armchair strategist" with dozens of distinctive maps and illustrations, here's a blow-by-blow research of the boys, commanders, and weaponry utilized in the well-known battles of Bunker Hill, Quebec, Trenton, Princeton, Saratoga, and Cowpens.

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At Charlestown Neck Prescott was joined by Brigadier General Israel Putnam of Connecticut, who brought wagons loaded with fascines (bundles of wood bound together) and empty hogsheads to be filled with earth and used to form the walls of a fort, and entrenching tools. After detaching Captain John Nutting’s company from Prescott’s regiment and sending it to Charlestown as a covering force, Prescott led the column over Bunker Hill and halted on its southeast slope. Prescott then called the senior officers together for an informal command conference.

What the soldier did, in simple terms, was to take the cartridge (a round lead bullet and a load of powder wrapped in a cylinder of paper) from his cartridge box, bite off the nonbullet end, pour a little priming powder in the pan on his gunlock, then pour the rest of the powder, followed by the bullet, and the paper as wadding, down the barrel. Next he drew his ramrod from its “pipes” below the barrel and rammed the bullet and paper firmly down against the powder charge. He then returned his ramrod, “presented his piece” (pointed it at the enemy), pulled the hammer back to full cock, and on command pulled the trigger to fire his musket.

He got a work detail going on a straight breastwork about 100 yards long, extending from the southeast corner of the redoubt down toward the marsh at the foot of the hill. MEANWHILE, BRITISH GENERAL GAGE HAD CALLED a council of war that same morning of 17 June. Howe, Clinton, and Burgoyne were there, along with other senior officers. Clinton first proposed an immediate attack on the Charlestown peninsula: Howe to make a frontal holding attack from the east, while Clinton with 500 men would land on the peninsula just south of the neck and behind Prescott’s redoubt to cut off the American force.

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