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28 and dividing through by -nF, the result is RT E = E 0 - - hn Q F, iHz(g) E=- -AF nF + AgCl(s) = H+ t C1- t Ag(s) for the passage of 1F. 26) The free energy change accompanying a given reaction depends on the concentrations or, more accurately, the activities, of the reactants and the products. f. The exact connection can be readily derived in the following manner. f. of the cell is given by + bB + . . -+1L + mM + . . x amM x . . + RTIn a'L a a A x abB x . . 27) where aA, aB, . . , aL, aM, .

8 shows typical charge and discharge curves for a lead-acid battery. f. 1 V and remains steady, increasing very slowly as the charge proceeds. 3V hydrogen is liberated at the negative plate. The charge is now completed and we enter the region of overcharge. f. The overcharge state is not only wasteful in charging current, which is now entirely devoted to gas production rather than charging of the plates, but it causes mechanical damage to the battery. e. f. 5). f. drops rapidly to just below 2 V.

The vapour pressure method had been used particularly to obtain the activity of the solvent in the following manner. 49 is applicable to any solution, ideal or non-ideal. 49 shows that the activity of the solvent in a solution must be proportional to the vapour pressure of the solvent over a given solution. If a represents the activity of the solvent in the solution and p is its vapour pressure, then a = k p , where k is a proportionality constant. The value of this constant can be determined by making use of the standard state postulated above, namely that a = 1 for the pure solvent, Le.

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