Apocalypse: The Coming Judgment of the Nations by Grant R. Jeffrey PDF

By Grant R. Jeffrey

ISBN-10: 0921714033

ISBN-13: 9780921714033

Written in layman's phrases via prophecy instructor furnish Jeffrey, Apocalypse can assist the interesting and mysterious prophecies inside the ebook of Revelation.

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11, 2001, has been Osama in honor of Osama bin Laden. One factor in this growth of Islamic fundamentalism is the high birthrate in Islamic countries. In most economically backward countries half the people are young people, as couples tend to have six to eight children. As economic policies in these nations often restrict business ­activity rather than encourage it, many young people cannot find jobs. Crusaders conquer Jerusalem (1099) 1100 1200 Muslims recapture Jerusalem (1187) Without a means to support a family, the young men cannot marry.

11, 2001 showed how vulnerable the second superpower, the United States, is to terrorism. Repeated warnings from Washington have made it clear that the country remains susceptible to terrorist attacks potentially even more devastating than the first. This end-time king of the South will rise up to defy the West, striking out against the king of the North. Whoever the end-time king of the The final king of the South Recent popular Muslim figures such as Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, left, and Osama bin Laden have sought to unite the Islamic world against the West.

After so much death and destruction, and centuries of war and unrest in the Middle East, imagine what a difference the second coming of Jesus Christ will make. Jews, Christians and Muslims not only have a common spiritual ancestor in Abraham; adherents of all three religions expect, in different ways, a Messiah. Only after the true Messiah comes can all three begin to live in true harmony. Devoid of religious differences and finally understanding and appreciating the blood ties between them, they will be able to work together under the returned Jesus Christ to resolve their differences.

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Apocalypse: The Coming Judgment of the Nations by Grant R. Jeffrey

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