A reference grammar of the Kanuri language by John P Hutchison; Neil Skinner PDF

By John P Hutchison; Neil Skinner

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The two thick books by Humphrey and Topping called “Statics” and “Dynamics” 3. Individual Projects 45 and now long out of print covered the material. Old well thumbed copies may still be found in libraries, but more likely they have been sold off cheaply, given away or even thrown out. In any case the material in old ‘A’ level mechanics texts is almost all inaccessible to today’s students due to the lack of geometry already alluded to. It is perfectly possible for the 16 year old to embark on a mathematics course, ‘A’ level or its equivalent, that contains no physical applied mathematics.

The student must also be encouraged to seek advice quickly if there is anything they do not understand. g. Coxeter’s “Projective Geometry” published in 1987 by Springer-Verlag. This reinforces the view that the material is indeed suitable undergraduate level mathematics; however it is not part of lectures. As we have already said if it is all entirely lecture material then it is unsuitable as a project topic. However, a project that extends a final stage module is perfectly acceptable and is in fact a good idea.

Fifty pages for a project worth one sixth of a year is a good guide. In the next sections, we introduce the first of the specific projects. They are outlined in some detail and comments made. Remember, the purpose is to give examples of how projects run, not to introduce new mathematics. Therefore if the mathematical content of a particular project is obscure, no matter. You will still be able to get information about project methodology (though not as much as those who understand everything). In all the examples given below, all commentary is mine.

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A reference grammar of the Kanuri language by John P Hutchison; Neil Skinner

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